August Goals..

Two days early but heres my august goals..

1. Have less cheat days.

2. Be more consistent with fitness.

3. Stop making excuses.

4. Lose atleast 5 pounds.

 I have to stop being so afraid to fail, that I dont even try.

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Clean Eating question!

This is going to seem really really silly but I am learning more and more about clean eating everyday.. Its like a new adventure for me, expect I have picked my staples and stuck to them..

Right now I am dog/house sitting, and putting together a lunch for myself for at work tomorrow. I was curious if it is possible to make some type of “breaded” chicken.. (baked obviously)

Any ideas or recipes would be helpful.. or even tips to eating clean.. Now that I am working I have less time to be reading up in my eating clean books, but i still want to venture out from my staples!


Ready to workout after I get out of babysitting. My day off of work I fill with babysitting to make extra money, sometimes I wish I had free time to workout whenever I want #fitness#running #health #fitblr #hardwork #determination (Taken with Instagram)

Please help me :) I will be in a doctors office (I am a nurse)..I am trying to figure this out, I am used to havig my days to myself to figure it out.. I need to start planning my meals for a whole entire week but I am not sure how to start. Silly me. I appreciate the help! (Taken with Instagram)

July Roll Call: Reblog if you’re still an active healthy weight loss blog!

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I WANT ALL OF THESE IN MY KITCHEN RIGHT NOW. :) #fitness #magazine #eat #right (Taken with Instagram)

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Second bottle.. Slacking today. Relaxing with the new doggie.. Look at my thee pup asleep in the back hahah #water #love #relax (Taken with Instagram)

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